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April 28, 2013
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“I swear, this time it’s not my fault!”

Lovino and Feliciano whipped their heads towards the doorway to see Arthur panting and cradled in his other hand was a little girl with short, cropped (h/c) hair and glistening (e/c) eyes filled with tears.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Lovino bellowed which made the little girl wail loudly, clearly afraid of the Italian man’s sudden outburst. Arthur pats the girl’s back and tried to calm her down. He scowled at Lovino. “Look at what you’ve done to (name)! She’s now scared of you, you twat and that’s not going to help at all!”

Lovino and Feliciano were surprised at what they just heard. (Name)?

When (name) calmed down, Arthur sets her down on the floor momentarily. “Now, to further explain this…allow me to relay what have really happened” after he has swatted some dust off his green military uniform, he picks up (name) from the floor and held her in his arms. He then walked towards the sofa and the Italian twins followed and sat in the opposite couch facing Arthur and (name).

“So, you see, (name) and I were having a lively conversation and two of those goons were practicing their magic nearby us so when one of them misfired a spell it hit (name) and thus she became this…a three year old girl.” Arthur said and then sighed. He then pats (name)’s head to keep her from crying again.

“Well, why don’t you take responsibility for her, you tea bastard, since your goon is the one who did this to (name)” Lovino huffed and crossed his arms while glaring at Arthur. “Well, I am getting to that part Lovino, geez. I, of course want to do that but for some reasons, she just doesn’t stop crying at all. Nothing I do much can keep her from doing so and she just keeps saying that she wants to go home, which meant here…” Arthur looks down at (name) who was still crying. He gives her a reassuring smile which (name) returned with a little smile on her tear-stained face.

“So I believe I get the conclusion that (name) should be taken care by the two of you. I think that’s what she wants, methinks.”

“Ve~! If that’s so then we’ll be gladly taking care of little (name)!” Feliciano chirped happily and clapped his hands together. “What the---?! F-Fratello what are you saying?! I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HER!!” Lovino yells at his brother and proceeds to strangle him. “B-B-But fratello! Look! (name) needs us! And besides this spell should wear off by morning, right Arthur?”

“Yes, probably. Well then, now that it’s settled I’ll be taking my leave. Good day to you two then.” Arthur bows and leaves.

And now only Feliciano, Lovino and little (name) remained in the living room staring at each other. (name) was no longer crying and she started swinging her head to the left and right, amused at the two Italians faces looking at her. “Ve~ look at her fratello, she’s so cute! Aah, so this is what she looked as a child. So adorable~!”

Feliciano moves to the other couch where (name) was sitting and stroked her head. (Name), who was severely fond of head patting returned the affection and hugged Feliciano’s torso. Lovino, on the other hand was scowling at the sight of the two of you being all so…fluffy.

As he cannot bear watching you two any longer he finally joins the other couch and sat on the right side of (name), making her sandwiched in between him and his brother. He tore off (name) from his brother’s body and made her sit on his lap.

(name) raised her head to have a clearer look at Lovino’s face. On the other hand, Lovino’s face was being painted a deep tinge of red and is becoming hotter as he kept staring at the little girl who was grinning at him.

“O-Oi you idiota…you’re making me feel funny! S-Stop doing that!” he spluttered. (Name) laughed and tried to reach for Lovino’s red cheeks with her little hands.

“Ahh, now that we think of it we’re just like a small family! I’m the mama, fratello you’re the papa and (name) is our daughter~ Veeeee! This is just like what I wanted!” Feliciano squeals and blushes at his thought.

“C-Cut it out Feliciano! Grr…YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME!! IDIOTAAA!!”


And Lovino smacks Feliciano in the head which caused him to be knocked out on the floor, dreaming about pasta, wine and women. And what about (name)? Well, she definitely got tired from laughing so much at the two brother’s antics that she fell asleep in Lovino’s arms.


“Ah, you fell asleep by something like that huh? You really are an idiota, hmph…”



“Buona notte…(name)”


Italy Brothers x Child!Reader - Just like I wanted!
This is my first shot at writing the Italy brothers! I hope I did a bit of justice in them...

I don't own Hetalia/Romano/Italy = they belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story= Me

Edit: 05/08
Seems that this work became a bit of a hit!
So! I've decided I'd write more of this~ but it's not a continuation for this one, it's that you, my dear reader would be taken care of by another country! Please stay tuned~ > w <

England x Child!Reader:[link]
Russia x Child!Reader: Soon!

Comment/Feedback on the story! Thank you!
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