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April 28, 2013
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Even after that fiasco from last night, you were still able to wake up early. You sat straight in your sleeping bag and did a few stretches. You stifled a yawn and looked around Anya’s room and found that Elizabeta and Anya were already out of bed. You peeked in your phone and the time read 6:58.

It’s already time for a spot of breakfast.

You changed into your (f/c) loose shirt and plain baggy shorts and came downstairs to the kitchen. Anya, Elizabeta and Nikolai have already started eating when you arrived so the only blank chair left was for you. Which was beside Nikolai, fyi. Being the completely oblivious person you were, you didn’t even felt the heavy atmosphere coming from the person beside you. You were quite in a happy mood and you didn’t want the scenario from earlier ruin your mood, thus the need for obliviousness.

“Good morning guys, sorry I overslept a bit” you giggled while taking your seat. Anya and Elizabeta laughed a bit and said “Good morning too, (name)!” in perfect cheery unison. They resumed to eating their food and you started eating your fill.

Anya informed afterwards that the adults were out so that meant that all of you can have it for yourselves. But surely enough, the three of you have something planned for today so it didn’t really mattered at all that only the four of you remained in the house. Besides, it’s kind of boring to just laze away and do nothing so the three of you decided for some shopping at the local mall nearby.

The three of you cheered a loud and energetic “YAY!” before pulling into a group hug and then each went her own way to prepare for the outing in about an hour. It’ll be taking turns using the bath and you’ll be the last one to use it so you have plenty of time to pick out your outfit. You skipped happily up the stairs and made your way into Anya’s room to get your change of clothes.

You sat on the bed and took out your clothes one by one in your knapsack and started mixing and matching your clothes. But then again, you didn’t bring that much so deciding was just a breeze. You neatly folded a (f/c) t-shirt and your favorite jeans.  Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete with your (s/c) converse sneakers and placed it near the door.

Since you still have time to kill, you decided to watch some TV for the meantime to entertain yourself for a while. Plopping down on the plush sofa, you grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned on the television set and started flipping through channels, looking for something interesting. And then you saw (insert some random favorite show) being showed in one of the stations and you immediately backed up some few channels frantically and sighed in relief as you didn’t missed the opening. You put back the remote on top of the coffee table and watched the episode.

While you were already halfway watching (or re-watching it) the tv show, the tv was switched off. “Wha—Hey! I’m watching some tv! Whoever did that must be so rude!” you cried and a scowl was plastered in your face as your hand lunged for the coffee table to grab the remote. But you found no such thing.

“Looking for this (name)?” you heard a male voice that was awfully too familiar. You whipped your face around and saw that it was Nikolai standing behind the couch, playing with the remote and he was pouting…complete with the puppy eyes that you definitely know you…Cannot. Resist.

You just sighed and rolled your eyes. “Never mind it Nikolai, I don’t want it back. I’ve lost interest in the show anyways…and I should probably take a bath now” you rose from your seat and made your way out to the hallway but you were stopped by Nikolai who lunged at you and pinned you to the floor with him on top of you, he wore a devious grin that was growing more and more lustful by the minute.

“Un… Nikolai, what do you want?” you asked with your voice going out in breaths. You stared in his tantalizing blue eyes and to your mistake, you could already feel your face growing hot and your heart started pounding heavily in your chest.

“I guess I need not ask, your reactions are way too obvious…” Nikolai trailed off a bit and laughed huskily before proceeding to kiss you gently on your lips. “You really do like me…right, (name)?” You just bit your lower lip and averted your eyes off of him. And then after you managed to calm down, you steeled yourself and took a deep breath and met his eyes once again.

“Alright, alright Nikolai, you got me okay? I…I like you…” you fretted, while trying to contain yourself from pushing him away from you. “Yes, finally you admitted it! Now you are officially mine and you shall be marrying me already” Nikolai grinned at you like crazy and yanked you off the floor then hauled you off the house in bridal style while whistling a happy tune to himself while you were trying to struggle free from his grip on you and your shouts of “Hey Nikolai, put me down! Please!!” was plainly audible to the two of your best friends looking at you two from the doorway making a ruckus along the way.


“Geez, looks like (name) is already booked out for the day, right Anya?” Elizabeta grinned and pokes Anya playfully in her arm. “No, definitely not, Elizabeta! We’re going to get her back! It’s our day and we can’t have Nikolai having fun with (name) all to himself!” Anya huffed and grabbed Elizabeta down the walkway as they tail Nikolai and (name).


Ah, don’t get crushed by their love okay?  :D

Okay, crappy ending is crappy~
Welp - anyways I'm done with the final part! Sorry about Nikolai-kun being a bit erm, IDK.
But yes, I tried! 

Previous: [link]

* I don't own Hetalia/Belarus/Russia/Hungary - Himaruya~sensei owns them
* Story = Me

Comment/Feedback what you think about the story. Thank you!
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