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this is a request from ~HetaVocaCore!

Hope you like it! ^^



(male name) went to visit Francine and Madeline’s house. But before he could get to knock on the door, you were knocked back to the ground when you bumped heads with someone who was gushing out of the house. “Aah, that hurt” a male’s voice groaned who was apparently knocked down to the ground too. “Hey Toni, you okay?” you heard a female voice spoke. Rubbing your aching forehead, you looked up and saw Antonio sitting and his girlfriend Maria, one of your childhood friends, was beside him rubbing his bump on his head.  “Ah, (male name) you okay? Sorry I didn’t know you’d be there when I ran out the door…ahahaha” the Spaniard said while smiling sheepishly. You shook your head and stood up. “Nope, it’s just okay Antonio. It’s just an accident”

Maria helped Antonio to stand up. After she swatted some dust off his boyfriend’s jeans, she locked hands with him and gave you a small smile. Her reddish-black shoulder length hair was tied into two cute pigtails. Not long after the little commotion came out Madeline and her boyfriend Gilbert. “Ah, hi there (male name), how are you?” the Canadian girl gave you a slight bow. Gilbert gave one of his signature “kesesese” before you two do your ‘secret’ handshake. “’Sup, (male name)? What brings you here?”  “I’m fine Maddie. Well, apparently I’m here to visit you and your sister but it looks like you guys have plans” You eyed the two couples dressed for a date.

Antonio and Gilbert exchanged devious looking smirks on their faces and stared at you. Sensing something dangerous is up; you raised an eyebrow at them. “Hey, what are you two up to?” the two men walked towards you and slipped something in your hands.  It was two tickets for an amusement park. “Uh, what am I supposed to do with it?” you asked. Antonio patted your shoulders. “Oh amigo, don’t be silly. We know you like Francine” you blush a bit and scowled at the Spaniard. “Go and ask the frau to go with you there. We already asked her to go but she refused us, since she said that there’s no one to accompany her. But now that you’re here, you should go and try your luck” the Prussian grinned at you and jerked his thumb towards the direction of the mentioned French chick.

“Okay then, (male name), we’ll be going out now! See you and your frau there! Kesesese”

And with that, the two lovey-dovey couples headed towards the train station to catch their ride. Once they’re finally gone, you steeled yourself and entered the house. You shoved the tickets in your jean’s back pocket as you walked inside the living room where Francine was reading a newspaper. Upon noticing your presence, she looked up from her reading and stared at you. “Hello, (male name) what brings you here?”

“F-Francine…I” Great, I’m stuttering. Way to go, (male name)! Argh, I have to steel myself! “Francine. Are you busy today?” you managed to say straight. “No. I am not” she replied in an unamused tone of voice.

“Can we go to the amusement park today? I have tickets and I don’t have anyone to ask to go with me”

“Don’t you have your sister?”

“No. She’s busy with her homework.”



With a sigh, she folded her newspaper and rested it in the coffee table. She stood up and stared at you with narrowed eyes. “Fine, I’ll come with you. But don’t come thinking that this is a date or something…” you blushed slightly at her remark. “O-Of course not! Why would I think that this is a date!? We’re just friends, geez!”

But you were secretly thinking that it would be nice if it was really a date.

“Okay then, wait a while for me I’ll change into something appropriate” Francine left her seat and went upstairs to her room. You sat in the sofa while waiting for her return. After 10 minutes later, Francine returned and you resisted letting your jaw drop to the floor at the stunning girl in front of you. “Ehem, Mr (last name) are we going or what?” You snapped your train of thoughts and stood up straight at once. “Yes, Francine. Now let’s go”


--- Upon arriving at the amusement park ----

The entrance was crowded with a thick sea of people. The two of you were kept getting bumped by passing crowds and that led the two of you to be separated. But when you finally reached the end of the line and inside the park, you saw Francine sitting in a bench. You were about to go to her when she noticed you and she ran towards you and hugged you tightly.

“Wh-whoa, Francine…what’s wrong?” you asked, as a light pink dusted your cheeks. “I-I was just worried about that earlier. I got scared when I noticed that we got separated going inside the park…” you felt her clenched her hands tightly in the back of your (color) shirt. You were a bit hesitant at first but you wrapped your arms around her form. She then looked up at you and stared into your (e/c) eyes. That made you blush even further and so you avoided staring in her cute face.

“Anyways, (male name), now that we’re together again, I wanted to ask you something” “Y-Yeah, what is it?” “What you said before I get dressed, do you really mean that?” you gulped and stared at the spinning merry-go-round nearby to distract yourself. “T-That?” you blushed harder when you were trying to forget what you just said that time.

“Do you really like me just as a friend?” you cringed upon hearing those stinging words. You scowled a bit and tried to gather some courage looking into her beautiful eyes and you blubbered, “No, I don’t like you Francine, I-I-I love you, okay!? There, you happy?”

“Yes, I’m already satisfied with that answer, now that it’s settled, let’s go to the roller coaster first!” you felt your stomach lurch when you heard that. You definitely despised going to the roller coaster since you were afraid of heights and you get motion sick easily. “Well, (male name)? Are you scared…?” Francine asked in a playful tone.

You snapped a bit and said, “N-no, obviously not! L-Let’s go there now” “Yay~” Francine happily sang and latched herself onto your arm. The two of you marched towards onto the attraction.


--- Francine’s POV ---

Yes, our plan worked! It’s all thanks to them I got (male name) to confess to me and take me out on a sweet date like this. While I and (male name) is walking to the queue in front of the roller coaster ride, I whipped my head behind and winked at the couples smiling behind me who all held a thumbs up for me.

I shot the Prussian a warning glare when he looked like he was to shout something to grab (male name)’s attention and hopefully it was enough to shut him up. I didn’t want him to ruin this perfect moment for me…

I looked up at (male name) and gave him a smile. He blushed and averted his eyes. I giggled and he groaned loudly before protesting at me for staring like that. Oh, how I really love (male name) and his ‘tsundere-ness’!


I do hope that this would be a fun date till the end!

This is a request from :iconhetavocacore:
I am not that much satisfied at all with the story, meh, but I still hope she (and you) will hopefully like it! I tried my best shot and this is just all that I can do.


Spain/Prussia/Fem!France/Fem!Canada all belong to Himaruya Hidekaz
Maria = Me
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Don't blame me when we're on the roller coaster and I barf all over you.

Though you are beautiful.
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
For once I can relate to this......though a bit opposite...... I'm a girl in the first place.......and I'm tsundere
EzioBronyFan Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Photographer
Worst story ever...i hate it its stupid...bad grammer... Jk i love very nice much wow so amaze lololol jk i still love it.    :larryla: 
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Nice story. 
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Thank you!
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then! the reader throws up on her due to motion sickness....
sorry, God story!
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